Create your unique bag!

Custom colour or size! We can produce favour bags in any size and colour, including accessories like a decorative ribbon! In order to submit an inquiry, please fill out the form.

The minimum order quantity is:

200 pcs - for bags with print
3000 pcs - for bags in a custom size and / or color
3000 pcs - for bags with a printed ribbon.

1. Choose fabric

Choose the fabric from which your bag will be sewn
Available fabrics:

2. Customize the ribbon

Decide what the ribbon will look like in your bags
Choose fabric
Choose colour:

3. Choose the size of the bag

Choose one of the ready sizes for your bags, or choose a non-standard dimension

4. Personalize the bag

Be visible in every aspect of your business. It is an excellent advertising medium!

5. Summary

Complete the data
Type of fabric: Not defined
Material colour: Not defined
Ribbon type: Ribbon matched to the bag
Ribbon colour: The colour of the ribbon is the same as the colour of the bag
The size of the bag: Standard size
Personalization of the bag: Standard bag


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