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Do you need inspiration for creating your own unique Advent calendar?  Here are some new products featuring several festive designs from our extensive range, making them ideal for Advent calendars.

Within our range, you will find ready-made sets for creating a stunning, decorative garland as well as different patterned bags to choose from for you to create your own.  This eye-catching Christmas decoration is pleasing to look at over the festive season and will a touch of magic to every home.  Opening a bag each day to discover the small gift will certainly add excitement to the Christmas countdown.

What should you put in your Advent

Traditionally, Advent calendars are displayed in homes from the 1st of December to mark the start of the Christmas countdown.  They are made up of 24 small pockets in which various surprises are placed inside to be discovered each day.  Popular gifts include sweets, cards or toys but this can change according to who the gifts are for.  Adults might decide to give Christmas decorations or cosmetics, other fun suggestions might include tickets to the cinema or theatre.

Advent calendar made with linen bags

Advent calendar made with linen bags

If the Advent calendar is for children, there are plenty of suggestions, such as toys, Christmas figures, biscuit cutters, or craft sets for creating Christmas decorations.

Christmas presents for children

Christmas presents for children

How do I make a DIY Advent calendar?

If you are wondering where to begin with making your own Advent calendar or are looking for inspiration then don’t worry, we are here to help.  This unique Christmas decoration is simple to make and thanks to our bags it only takes a matter of minutes to do!

Advent calendar made of material bags

Advent calendar made of material bags

Here is some inspiration for both DIY Advent calendars as well as Christmas garlands ready-made from our versatile bags.  An Advent calendar is a great way to add to the excitement of Christmas for both adults and children.  To make your own, simply tie the bag’s ribbons on to a length of string or a decorative twig and fill the bags with small gifts such as sweets, cards or Christmas decorations.  To add to the decorative look you could also attach further decorations to hang from the string for a stunning DIY Christmas decoration.

Material bags can be used as a Christmas decoration

Material bags can be used as a Christmas decoration

On our website you will find a wide variety of bags featuring attractive designs, perfect for creating your own Advent calendar.  You could also opt for bags all in the same colour which you could then decorate by hand if you are feeling creative!

Ready-made Advent calendar sets

We also offer a range of ready-made Advent calendar sets in a variety of fabrics, sizes and designs.  The range includes traditional calendars in a beautiful, rustic style as well as more modern ones.

Each ready-made set includes 24 decorative bags as well as all the necessary accessories to be able to attach and hang the decoration (string, ribbon, decorative bag clips – depending on the model).

Rustic style, traditional Advent calendar

Our rustic style Advent calendars are made using jute bags for a natural, raw look.  A festive garland made out of jute bags look great in traditional homes.  Try hanging it above the fireplace for a truly stunning and unique Christmas decoration.

Modern advent calendars

If you prefer a modern look, we also offer more innovative designs.  Why not create a neutral, minimalist look by opting for an Advent calendar in shades of white and grey.  This is well suited for homes with modern décor such as apartments and works equally as well in offices.  The perfect decoration for the design conscious.

Children’s Advent calendars

Not forgetting the children, we also have sets which the youngsters will love!  Colourful pouches with decorative elements are always popular with children.  Our attractive festive prints make a lovely addition to a child’s room when on display on the run up to Christmas.