Grandparent’s Day is nearly here!  We’ve provided some inspiring ideas for thoughtful, DIY gifts which a child can make, either on their own or with a little help!  Are you stuck for ideas for a gift which Grandma and Grandpa will love?  As always, gifts made by grandchildren are the most treasured!  Leave the expensive gifts for a different occasion, such as birthdays or naming days and let’s get creative with handicrafts.  Gifts like these are always a hit with grandparents!

Laurel for grandparents packed in a bag

Laurel for grandparents packed in a bag

Gifts from young grandchildren

When the grandchildren are too small to choose their own gift to give to their Grandma or Grandpa, it is the parents who are tasked with choosing an appropriate gift.  While this is bound to be appreciated, the most popular gifts are linked to their beloved grandchild.  For example, a framed imprint of their tiny food or handprint or framed photos.  Equally as popular are photos printed on mugs, cushions or calendars.

Frame with imprinted child's handle

Frame with imprinted child’s handle

Cards for Grandparent’s Day

Cards are just as important as the gift when it comes to Grandparent’s Day, especially if it has been made by a child.  Popular ideas are portraits of grandparents which can be created by the children in a variety of ways, including painting or a scrapbook collage.  The possibilities are endless with a bit of imagination.  Let your child get creative! If you are looking for a stylish alternative to a traditional drawing, why not try using special markers and decorating a pillowcase?  This ensures the gift if both charming and practical.

Gift - a greeting card for grandparents packed in an organza bag

Gift – a greeting card for grandparents packed in an organza bag

Children’s crafts – get creative with your child

Creating gifts and cards for Grandparent’s Day is great fun and an activity which you can enjoy together.  Your child will enjoy it as well as developing their creativity.  Some ideas include making homemade soaps, candles or baking and decorating cookies.

Decorative packaging for your gifts

We’ve provided you with some great ideas for Grandparent’s Day, now it’s time to think about choosing the right, stylish packaging!  Using one of our decorative bags will enable your child to be able to wrap the gift themselves. Your child will enjoy the satisfaction of completing the gift from start to finish themselves.

Gift bags for Grandma's Day and Grandpa's Day

Gift bags for Grandma’s Day and Grandpa’s Day

Wrapping gifts in decorative bags couldn’t be quicker or easier!  Simply place the item inside the pouch and draw the strings to close – that is all there is to it!  Stunning gift packaging thanks to material bags really is child’s play!

Original, handmade gift wrap

Gift packaging can also be decorated and personalised by a child!  Your child can decorate material bags with stickers or pendants and the bags themselves can be decorated with paints or markers.  Discover how versatile and unique these decorative bags can be!  A personalised bag is sure to please everyone!

Linen gift bag for loved ones, decorated with acrylic paints

Linen gift bag for loved ones, decorated with acrylic paints

Where can I buy gift wrap suitable for Grandparent’s Day?

Have you already decided on the gift you will be getting for Grandparent’s Day?  Now you have to decide on how you will present it.  Please take a look at our extensive range available from our online shop where you will find stunning bags made from a variety of different fabrics, including organza, linen and even denim.  You are sure to find the perfect gift packaging for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day!