Holy Communion is an important celebration for Catholics. The children participate in the full Eucharist ceremony and receive Communion for the first time. To mark the occasion, a celebration is held with friends and family to acknowledge the child’s acceptance in to the faith. A gift is usually given as part of the celebration and decorative bags for Holy Communion have become increasingly popular.

How to present a Communion gift

How to present a gift for Holy Communion?

Organza bags are idea for beautifully presenting gifts. The pouches are made from a delicate, translucent fabric. Pur bags are available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit different gifts. These versatile pouches are suitable for a variety of purposes, including as a gift wrap, as a way of presenting a thank you gift and a beautiful way to present a child’s gift.

Thank your guests for coming

Often, the child’s parents give a small gift as a thank you to guests for attending the Communion. It can be difficult to know what to give as a gift and how to present it nicely. One of the simplest options is to buy sugared almonds or similar sweets and put a few in to a small decorative bag. You can place bags on the table as a nice surprise for guests.

Alternatively, you can also place a small figure into a bag, for example small gypsum angels are beautiful and inexpensive. They have become a popular choice of gift recently and are widely available. You can place a figure in a small bag to create a lovely thank you gift.

How to present a Communion gift DIY

We also sell round pouches with a diameter of 22cm, shown in the picture below. These are quite a unique shape and look a bit different from the standard rectangular bags.

 How to thank guests

We are also able to supply personalised bags, with details such as the name of the child, a short thank you message or a graphic of your choice. We can print the bags exactly as you would like them to appear. For more information please visit our website.

Gift bags for first-communion

The bags are also ideal to use as gift bags for your present. Rather than struggling with wrapping paper or delicate paper bags, decorative reusable pouches not only look stunning, you are also able to select the right size and colour to suit your gift, making them a quick and easy way to present your gift. If you would like to keep the gift concealed until the bag is opened, opt for a velour or satin finish, for an elegant look to mark the special occasion. Hence bags are ideal for smaller gifts such as a watch or jewellery.

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