The bags that we present in our offer have a very wide range of applications. Starting from purely ornamental functions to practical use.

Today we will show you just one of the many ways these practical and beautiful reusable bags can be used. In this instance, is how these handy pouches can be used to safely store jewellery.

Despite your best efforts, do you still lose your favourite bracelets? Or do you struggle to find your favourite ring when you are in a hurry? Jewellery boxes can be hard to keep in order and necklaces can easily become tangled with other pieces of jewellery. If you are fed up of your jewellery box being a mess… We will show how you can restore order and keep it that way.

How to store jewellery in organza bagsDisplay your descorative bags in the bathroom!

With a wide range of designs and materials to choose from, opt for bags which will coordinate with your bathroom. The pouches containing your jewellery can either be neatly stored in a drawer or are beautiful enough to be on display in a vanity unit or on a shelf.

What can I keep my jewellery in? Beautiful, decorative bags

Delicate, translucent organza pouches are ideal for storing your jewellery collection in. They are available in around 30 stunning colour choices from pastel shades to neon colours and the extensive range of sizes means there is something to suit everyone.

Organza pouch for jewellery

Another suggestion elegant velour pouches – giving the impression of luxury and wealth. Made of durable material – certainly will serve for many years!

Also available are sensual satin bags for a luxury look or beautiful metallic bags which shimmer in the light and make a great choice for displaying your jewellery.

All you have to do is sort your favourite sparkles in to categories and store your jewellery pieces in separate pouches. By doing so, you will not only keep all your jewellery in order, you will also free up space on your dressing table while the bags look decorative on display. A practical and stunning solution.

 Storage of jewellery in metallic bags