3 pcs Velvet pouches 26 x 35 cm - silver



3 pieces 26 x 35 cm 3 pcs Velvet pouches 26 x 35 cm - silver
3 pcs Velvet pouches 26 x 35 cm - silver

Velvet bags 26 x 35 cm (3 pcs) - silver

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Set contains
3 pieces of pouches

We offer you a set of 3 pieces velvet bags in dimensions 26 x 35 cm. This practical package is available in silver colour and will last for a longer period of time.

Bags in the presented offer are made of velvet. This is a very soft fabric – very pleasant to the touch, which in fact, for many years was recognized, as exclusive. Today velvet is constantly used to produce clothes and upholstery furniture.

Thanks to its aesthetical and practical values, velor pouches are an excellent way to pack a variety of everyday items as well as small gifts and souvenirs. Robust structure of the velor fabric will make these bags a good protection for all items hidden inside. Velvet fabric is fluffy and soft, so our bags are perfect for a gift for a loved one or an anniversary gift. We recommend our velor bags for a unique gift wrap or a decorative box for everyday items.
Decorative printingNo
Height to drawstring *27.5 - 28.5 cm
Width *26 cm
Height *35 cm
* Size tolerances+/- 5%
Pcs per bag3

Bags with your logo or graphic!

Be visible in every aspect of your business!

Bags are an excellent advertising medium and an extremely useful everyday gadget! Personalized bags are especially handy when building the company’s image on such occasions as: thanks for the on-going cooperation, Christmas presents and gifts at business meetings.

We offer you personalized bags with a selected print or logo of any colour and size of the bag! We guarantee fast realizations and high quality of the customized products.

We can produce bags and pouches with any print!

See a few examples of customized bags:

Organza bags with printed logoLinen pouch with print, bags with logoA bag with a printed logo

Fill in the form and create your unique bag!

Custom colour or size!


Dear customer, bags with prints are not everything! We can also produce bags in any size and colour. We also offer various types of ribbons and bag bindings.

Please provide parameters that interest you in the form.

Click here to fill the qucik and easy order form!

We offer our clients:

selection of any design at the request of the customer or our authorship

easy and fast process of all orders

support at every stage of implementation from order to production

By on 05 Jan 2019 (3 pcs Velvet pouches 26 x 35 cm - silver) :


Awesom grey bags, good quality

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By on 25 Sep 2018 (3 pcs Velvet pouches 26 x 35 cm - silver) :


Very nice light grey color. This colour is so cool, because it is very hard to see dirt on this colour.

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By on 03 May 2018 (3 pcs Velvet pouches 26 x 35 cm - silver) :


They can be used for presents, because of their official look, and also in your home near your couch or for example on your table. Very universal pouches

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Customized printed bags

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